Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hive Primus wasn't built in a day!

Neither will my Necromunda collection, due to limits of time and how much money I can sink into a hobby these days.

So after waiting a few weeks for things to come from Amazon (Italia) and GW (Italia), all my components have arrived.  Of course, they arrived in the order of paints, brushes, green-stuff, minis, and finally glue.  Not exactly the ideal order, right?

I brought back a bag of miscellaneous figures I had stashed at a friend's house back in Indiana.  Most of my collection went to the Arch Heretic, Mordian 7th, but some bits and pieces remained to be brought here to Italy.

Here's the rundown of what I found in my old boxes:

  • Five Cawdor heavies
  • Three Orlock Heavies
  • Some Frateris Milita
  • Half a dozen Redemptionists
  • Half a dozen Ratskins 
  • One Squad of Adeptus Arbites (originals)
  • A full set of Ash Wastes gangers (minus hands/weapons)
  • A full gang of Goliaths (with two heavies, minus weapons)

What is lacking is an overloaded treasure trove of bitz, but those can be found later.

To Augment all these, I picked up three boxes of the delightful Chaos Renegade Militia, which come with great weapons and a good variety of poses.  In addition, I got two of the classic Imperial Preachers for conversion into Redemptionists.

So where to start?  First, I'm going to put the Goliath gang together and start painting.  While I'm doing that, I'll also put together a Chaos Cultist gang (thus the Renegade Militia).  There's multiple version of rules for the Chaos Cultists, some with Spawn and mutations, another with a Daemon Host, I might just model enough figures to do both types, though one of those versions is hellaciously over-powered.

I might use the leftover bitz to whack together some Scavies, I've got some ideas on how to make Scalies that actually look good, but that's for another blog post.

Stay tuned for sporadic progress.


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